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As our community continues to grow, it’s important for visitors and residents alike to take ownership of the litter problem in our community. “Not in My Town” is a cooperative effort that encourages citizens, businesses, and visitors to find their own unique place in eradicating this ongoing issue.

But we figured if we talked the talk, we’d better walk the walk.

The Midland City Council made litter abatement a top priority during the spring 2014 Council Retreat. Council members pledged to allocate resources toward a campaign that took a comprehensive approach toward giving litter the boot in Midland. A task force of concerned citizens, City and County officials, and Keep Midland Beautiful was created, and the “Not in My Town” campaign was born.

We’ll focus on education and enforcement, and encourage partnerships within the community. We believe that it’s your own unique ideas, talents, and connections that will best serve our community during this campaign. How could you make a difference through your business, church or neighborhood? Let us know by using our “Contact” form.

Meanwhile, the City of Midland has streamlined its code administration efforts so that officers can more effectively enforce City ordinances after giving residents and businesses warnings. We mean business, and will treat litter as a serious offense.

Make sure to check our blog for updates, and sign the pledge if you haven’t already. We’re already one step closer to a cleaner Midland.



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