6-4-3. Littering public places.
It is illegal to sweep or deposit dirt, trash or other litter into any street or onto any sidewalk within the City of Midland, or to scatter papers or other litter in the public parks or streets, or on any sidewalk.

6-4-4. Littering private places.
It is illegal to deposit litter on any private lot or premises, whether you are the owner of the land or not. All trash or litter must be placed in approved receptacles.

6-4-5. Commercial premises; placement of material in refuse container.
It is illegal for an owner or person in charge of any commercial location in the City to allow material placed in a garbage container on the premises to protrude beyond the “lip” of the container. As the owner or person in charge, it is your responsibility to provide enough container space or emptying of the containers to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

8-6-2. Containers—Use of alley.
Building material, rocks, bricks, junk metal, dirt and other material that adds excessive weight may not be placed in your City-provided garbage container. Animal carcasses and liquids also cannot be disposed of in your container. You as the owner must dispose of these items at the landfill or another legal location. Alleys must not be used for the storage or dumping of any material.

8-6-4. Yardwaste.
All commercial yardmen, nurserymen and firms regularly engaged in lawn and garden service must find a suitable way to haul all of their waste from jobs to a sanitary landfill or approved mulching/composting site.

8-6-18. Accumulation of stagnant water, filth, weeds, brush, and debris on lots.
Owners or managers of property/lots within the City of Midland:
• Cannot allow debris to accumulate or remain on the property.
• Cannot allow any organic or inorganic substance whether gaseous, solid or liquid, that could harbor disease causing organisms, attract rodents or reptiles, or create a nuisance to accumulate on their property.
• Cannot allow weeds, tall grass, rubbish, brush, animal refuse, industrial or commercial waste, spoiled food items, construction or remodeling wastes, or unsanitary matter to accumulate or grow on that property.
• Cannot permit or allow holes or places where water could accumulate and become stagnant.

A Garbage Hauler’s Permit is required for vehicles to haul garbage within the city of Midland and dispose at the City of Midland Landfill. A Garbage Hauler’s Permit is $500 per year for each vehicle. Vehicles without a valid permit will be charged a $25 Landfill Access Fee in addition to regular landfill charges. More Info (http://www.midlandtexas.gov/153/Landfill)