The holidays are a beautiful time of the year. That is, unless empty boxes, styrofoam peanuts, ripped gift wrap, and torn bows are blowing around, turning a beautiful Christmas into a trashy nightmare!

Here are three ways you can help keep it clean this holiday season:

– Secure your holiday trash – and all of your regular trash before putting it in the container.
– Tie your trash bags.
– Close the lid so trash can’t become litter.

During this busy season, containers get full fast. Please hang on to your trash when the containers are full. When the containers are emptied, there will be more room for trash. Most of us have to share containers with our neighbors, so please don’t take all the containers space for yourself. Leave some space for everyone, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us at Not in My Town! Let’s make 2015 the cleanest year ever in Midland.