Officials from the City of Midland, Midland County, and Keep Midland Beautiful joined each other Tuesday morning to launch the “Not in My Town” campaign, a community-wide effort to put an end to littering.

Education and enforcement, along with partnerships within the community, will be the highlight of the movement, which officials hope will cause Midlanders to look for the solution to the community’s litter problem within themselves.

“We are excited to work with the County toward a cleaner Midland that we can be proud of,” said Midland Mayor Jerry Morales. “But it’s clear we can’t do it alone. We need each and every person in our community to understand the importance of taking ownership in our litter situation.”

The “Not in My Town” campaign differs from efforts on a statewide level by taking into account the unique challenges of launching such an effort in West Texas. A task force made of City and County officials, Keep Midland Beautiful, and concerned citizens has met several times since City Council made littering a top priority at its March 2014 retreat. Since then, other communities and organizations have expressed interest in tailoring the program for their own litter abatement efforts.
The City of Midland has already launched an educational advertising campaign, streamlined its code enforcement efforts to efficiently prosecute litterers, and installed two solar-powered trash compactors in pedestrian areas. The campaign will also include additional enforcement efforts by the Midland Police Department, guidelines for hosting a litter-free special event, and partnerships with local businesses.

Learn how to join the movement by visiting www.LitterFreeMidland.com, and contribute to the conversation on social media networks by using the hashtag #NotInMyTown.